Friday, August 7, 2009

Ho Hum

Its one of those days today: the biggest girl is home from school today, upchucking and laying around looking pale and interesting. The only good thing about her tummy bug is that she is now big enough to do it in the provided bucket, and not all over the place. And this bug is (so far) restraining itself to the top end of the gastrointestinal system, so that also has to be a good thing?!

I also think I am coming down with the cold that all of the kids have had for a while, and am wishing I too could lay around looking pale and interesting, but sadly, the youngest of the wild children that live here decided to spread a trail of rice bubbles (dry) from the kitchen and around the lounge room. So that needed vacuuming, in amongst me trying to cross some items off the demanding list of things my dear husband left in the office for me, and emptying the upchuck bucket, followed my obessively washing my hands with antibacterial handwash!

Oh woe is me! And I have a sore thumb...well, not really, but there is a tale to tell about that!

You see, we currently have four cats in and around our house. Two of them are meant for the property, but are yet to have an operation of a "delicate" nature, that will prevent the cat population from growing down there, if you get my drift...anyhow, the cats get fed out in the garden shed, on top of an old non-working chest freezer in which we keep all of the pet food (as a rat deterrent). Every day I take down the cat's dish and open the freezer to get out the cat/chook/dog food, and every day I have to also take down one or other of the cats so as to open the freezer.

Yesterday was normal - cat's dish and cats on freezer, took them off, got out feed for respective animals, and shut the lid again, replacing the cats dish as I turned to head out. Fed chooks (a few metre walk away) returned feed tin to shed. Hearing a commotion, I actually looked in the shed to find one of the cats in some distress half on/half off the freezer. As I had (gently) shut the freezer lid, one of them had jumped the gun and was on his way back on to the lid, and I shut the lid on his foot, trapping him.

Here's where the sore thumb happened - he wasn't very impressed about having his foot stuck and as a token of his gratitude, stuck one of his razor sharp claws through the top of my thumb, near the finger nail - all of the way through (luckily, through the calloused part, not the meaty part!) here I am, attached to the bloody cat, trying to open the freezer and free his foot, whilst also trying to keep the rest of his claws away from me, and get the other one out of my finger!

All ended well - little damage to either of us...just another fairly normal day in my daily life with animals and children!


  1. WoW!!! What a day. Glad your thumb is still there!

  2. can you roll up in a ball and!


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