Monday, August 10, 2009

its your fault the dishes aren't done!

I've been meaning to do this collage for awhile, for myself, but you requests for poddies gave me the kick I needed.

This year, for one reason or another I ended up with 6 poddies in my back paddock. One, with an older non-sucking mate, I had for awhile, and then late one evening I brought home another four. That was an adventure in itself - we had nothing to contain them with to cart them home, so Trevor put a spare weigh box (a large, adult cow sized box that contains the animal when one wants to weigh it) in the back of our trailer, tied it down, then shoved in four protesting, fighting, kicking and quite indignant motherless calves. On the way home it started raining, and it was quite bloody miserable, wet and very, very dark when I got home with the kids and the calves, and had to unload them by myself. I made a pen in the shed for them (having the kids jump up and down to keep the security light on!) and then reversed the trailer into the shed. That was an excercise in itself - dark and wet and trying to get the thing straight! So then, getting the calves out - and it starting drizzling again! Opening the gate and hoping they'd come out didn't work, so I had to climb in and manhandle and push each one out, with the kids holding the pen gate shut so they didn't escape there. Kicks to my shins didn't help my calm and reasoned manner, I can tell you (husband's ears should have been burning!)

Anyhow, after that they settled in well and aquired names: Bruno, Patsy, Clyde, Roger, Hugo and Frank.
A few weejks ago, when they had run out of grass and eating me out of house and home calf-feed wise (none of them were on the bottle, just a special grain ration) we loaded them into the horse float and took them to Trevor's parents property, where they joined their peers.
I missed them for about 10 seconds. One less lot of mouths to feed and look after!


  1. OMG! I didn't even know what poddies were until I read this! Sharon, if you don't use this whole exact blog entry as your journaling to go with this page, I will personally march up there to outback QLD and....yell at you. It's brilliant!!!

  2. Sharon you are amazing at these collages, and thank you so much for the poddie's story, I loved feeding them we used to take them special little containers of feed, and I liked to name them as well - although I think they already had names, I still remember it well. And I have posted some more pages over on my blog for you, so those dishes may never get done - don't you have a dishwasher ;0

  3. I am totally with Nicole! idea! And your way with words is so darn good and bloody funny at times! Love reading your posts.


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