Monday, August 31, 2009


A shoe catalogue fell out of a womens magazine I was reading the other day, and as I flicked through it, I found myself drawn to these sandals:

They are Hush Puppies brand, quite (as in VERY!) expensive, and even though I know they would be terribly comfortable, I suspect that they could be classed as... daggy?! I think its the ankle strap part...and then, when I was looking for the images to post here, I found these as well. In pink, as well as other colours...who can resist a pink summer sandal?

However, borderline daggy or not, I think they'll be staying in the shops, given their price tag.

I don't get out much these days, and aren't as skinny as I used to's hard to keep up with fashion (although some of it is questionable - I mean bubble skirts and harem pants - though called something else now - were NOT a good look in the 80's let alone now!) and look good, as well as be comfortable, which is my main priority these days. (How did I wear heels all day when I worked in an office/shop, when I was ON my feet all day? youth, stamina and fitness?!)

As an aside, is anyone else having trouble with dragging images around your posts in blogger? I am sure it never used to be this hard (image won't scroll down the page as I try to move it to where I want it to appear in my post - they always load right at the very top) Any hints for me please?!


  1. pink ones are very cute...and would be comfy!
    on blogger...seems to be ok ...hate that pics insert at the top...grr

  2. I too have been meaning to ask about pic's in blogger, mine always post at the top and they don't like swapping spots with each other! Very frustrating. The shoes are cute, you don't want me to say that Andrew's mum wears them alot do you? She must have more money than me ;)

  3. OK, I think its agreed that the top ones ARE daggy (very tactful Di, to not say anything at all about them!) I do have to agree that the pink ones are cute though...I think?! perhaps I have no idea what so ever, and should just walk around wearing black socks with my white joggers, and black underwear under white shorts and tshirt. That'll reaaally show my class!

  4. I can never move my pics around in blogger *sigh* but I think blogger hates me;)
    I like the tops of the shoes...but the ankle are MUCH funkier than that!!!!
    But I am SOOO daggy myself, I just buy new rubber thongs and call it done!


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