Sunday, August 9, 2009


At my mum's place this morning (a mere 60km drive) where we came to drop off a couple of kids horses we have been lent (they are going out onto feed until the wet season) and to check on our steers that we have here.

The kids love coming to visit Granma, and do their best to spread any toy that was leftover from my brothers' and my childhood all over the house and verandah. And then of course when it comes to cleaning up, no-one is responsible for making any of the mess!

Illness wise, we all seem to more or less be back in general good health (so far!) with Kate having a mild 8 hour bout of the tummy bug I mentioned last post. It has yet to make an appearance amongst other family members, so here's a big TOUCH WOOD!

Not much else to share - very pleasant to warm spring like weather here right now - I wonder if I would be safe to start packing away the winter clothes...going on my luck and Murphy's Law, I probably shouldn't.

So that's about it - have to go to town tomorrow and visit with our soon to be new bank manager (now THAT'S a fun process!not) and plan to get some new plants - lavender - to start doing some gardening again now the chances of a frost are lessening. I'm planning a mass planting of lavender in a part of the garden that gets seen a lot, but that I don't want to spend a lot of time looking after. {French Lavender, for those that want to know - it seems to grow well up here in the hot conditions}.

On housekeeping: my mother's computer has a huge screen, and what I thought was a lovely blog header isn't looking so good, as I have the stretch template installed. Think I will do some fiddling again and go back to a fixed day when I have nothing better to do!

Will have some photos to share with you next time, should I get to the arduous task of downloading the camera. The likelihood of having any scrapping to share is low, as my desk has suddenly become a dumping ground again for all sorts of flotsam that needs sorting out!

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