Monday, August 10, 2009

Of course

There are many other things that I should have been doing, like the dishes piled on the sink, or cleaning the house and the toilet {the boy has seen how his father pees - NOT a great discovery I can tell you, especially as 1. his aim isn't good and he has a tendency to get distracted and then woops - pee on the floor! and 2. he leaves the toilet seat up!}.

Anyhow, I did get the office cleaned up {both the "real work" desk and my scrapping desk} and seeing as it looked so clean and inviting, I sat down and played.

Both of these layouts are based on a sketch challenge of Nicoles from a few weeks ago, and as it was still in my head (no need to go searching for the sketch).

You might also recognise the patterned paper from the last layout that I did - some would call it laziness, but I prefer to think of it as getting the most out of my dollar! Besides, its very cute and bright, and bright is what I am gravitating towards at the moment, for some reason. And those yellow thickers, so yummy! Actually, I have a passion for almost any thicker...

I am not overly liking this one below, using photos taken from the same time as the ones used above, though this page is for Kate, and the one above for Georgie. It uses kraft cardstock as a base, and I know how everyone loves it so, but I just can't get comfortable with it and haven't worked out how to treat it. I don't really think the white card goes with it, but again - another page done and moving on, peoples! And I suspect its slightly crooked, but the care factor isn't quite high enough to bother working out why and where it all happened!

That's it for today, better go and get those wretched dishes done, and another load in the washing machine - the dirty clothes seem to be breeding again! Kate had another day off school today - not exactly sick, but not really well enough to be at school - quite tired and lethargic. Trevor and I haven't been sick per se, but have both commented on how tired we are, for no good reason, so suspect we have a version of the virus.

I can hear snoring, and see that my boy has fallen asleep half on, half off the spare bed, with his legs in the wierdest position - don't know how he could sleep like that! He must be feeling off, it is rare for him to sleep during the day!



  1. Loving both pages. I esp like the yellow thickers and the second page, looks like you have been using some of those brads!

  2. Great bright colours! I love them and those yellow thickers are divine :) Great work.

  3. have to get me some of them there yellow thickers...and the second page is my fav...I LOVE IT!!!


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