Wednesday, August 26, 2009


This morning I have been quite domestic - not domestic as in I have clean floors and folded washing - FAR from that! - but in that I've been baking. Choc Chip biscuits, but instead of choc chips, I used m & m's instead.

I hear you asking: what brought on this rush of Bree-like behaviour? My littlest girl turns 5 tomorrow, and to celebrate we're having a little birthday smoko on Saturday, so I decided do some baking slightly ahead of time, instead of at the last minute as I am wont to do.

These biscuits will be the little something (instead of a lolly bag) the the few kiddies that are coming for cake to take home with them, along with a lollipop. I've yet to make the cake - rainbow is the theme, so stay tuned to see if I can NOT turn this cake into a disaster! (regular readers will know of my complete lack of cake decorating skills).

I can't believe that Georgie is going to be FIVE! This exciting milestone for her opens a whole raft of emotions - that my little family is growing up so fast; that she will be starting school soon(next term in fact, she will be having some pre-prep days at school); that soon I will have only one child at home, and boy didn't that come around fast.

I think its the fact that I will have only one child at home that is making the most impact. Mind you, my floors might stay in a cleaner state with only one kid, but I digress. I haven't had one child on my hands since this time in 2004! edited from original post which I typed 2006. Duh! And as much as Georgie drives me nuts with her mischeviousness and her full on stirring of her brother, both her brother and I will miss her company next year.

I don't mean to say that we didn't miss Kate when she first started school, but being the eldest, it was something that we knew was coming and was something that she so looked forward to. And Georgie is excited about joining her sister at school, but its come around so quickly for me!

Anyhow... Georgie terribly excited about her birthday tomorrow, so much so that she cleaned her room unaided - angels sing! Perhaps someone might have planted the seed that she might need to make some room for new birthday presents...but I'm not admitting to anything..!


  1. Heres hoping the Birthday and the 'smoko' go very Well. They do grow up so fast don't they.

  2. Good luck with the floors, my youngest is 12 & I still come home to a mess at the end of the day...
    Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl!

  3. LOOOOVE the idea of the bickies to take home! brilliant! Good luck with the cake;)

  4. Happy Birthday Georgie! What a great idea instead of lolly bags...hate the lolly bag!!!


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