Sunday, August 2, 2009

Yard Work

Last weekend we quickly ran the cows through the yards to take off the last mob of weaners and brand a handful of calves, before we turn the mob "out bush" for the next two months, or longer, depending on when the first storms arrive.

Here are some of the cows heading down the laneway to the yards; the kids and I were late getting down to LC, so when we got there and went to see what was happening, came across the mob heading in. Being late presented a great photo opportunity as the cows wandered past me - normally I would be BEHIND them, eating dust!
Georgie took this snap of me and the other two - who begged to have a go at my very heavy SLR. I really shouldn't take it to the yards (just LOOK at the dust) especially as I have a little point and shoot AND my old fixed lens Finepix in the cupboard unused, that would be better for this job - but I can barely download ONE camera, let alone two or three!

And yes, I was working, but was taking a breather with the kids (my little boy said"I want yoooou Mum!" so I had to give him a cuddle) while Trevor and a mate, who came out from the city for the weekend a change of pace, were letting a mob out of the yards.

And below: one of the kids looking out of the buggy when we letting some cattle out. Looking out under the windscreen down the bonnet. Too cute!


  1. Sharon that photo of the kids is just perfect, bet you are stoked with it!

  2. Wow! I LOVE that last piccy of the kids!!


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