Wednesday, June 8, 2011

good mail

Look what came:

_MG_6932a belated Mother's Day Gift. The Husband is very impressed with his gift picking ability ;-)

I agonised for ages over my selection of necklace.  I was torn between a circle/ring type of pendant, or a heart style. Shannon has a circlet style one, Fiona the heart (possibly from different companies, but the basic style of each). But when I worked out the number of letters in the kids names, and the space available on each, I realised that having kids with fairly short names meant that the circlet was going to look pretty empty. And I wanted a pearl, and that nice font. So when I weighed it all up, the heart it was.

Its not very big, and its light to wear. I wore it all day when it first arrived, and have now put it away for whenever I go out. I love it.

Have a look at the vintage pearl  - they have some lovely stuff.

(ps photo taken from my very rustic as in falling-down fence near the clothes line)


  1. Gosh, your husband has such fantastic taste in jewelry - how on earth did he come up with such an idea ;-)

    By the way, that photo is serioulsy fantastic, how do you upload?

  2. Sharon, I'm so pleased you got the same as me. I absolutely love mine and try to wear it whenever possible. I got mine from the vintage pearl also.
    Ditto to Amy, super photography.

  3. WOW WOW WOW... not just the gift but also the photo... awesome and inspiring... you'll feel so great when you wear that. Can't wait to see it on you. :-)

  4. love it. totally want one. fantabulous photo. will have to casually show hubby....

  5. I want one too!!! Oh...think I like the heart...I do love the pearl.
    Yep...the girls are right...great photo!!!

  6. I LOVE the photo too. And I heart the Vintage Pearl, yes they both came from the same place! Shannon has more than one piece from there now! (Shhh Im up to 4 now). Watch out your collection may grow. Did you sign up to the newsletter? They have great discounts. And on my circle one I have all of our names, parents too. They also make great presents, most of my family have VP now too.
    I do love your choice xxx


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