Thursday, June 23, 2011

baby its cold outside

and inside too, truth be told. Our old, roomy, breezy house with its 12 ft ceilings isn't the warmest of buildings in winter, especially this cold and CHILLY one!

I've even gone and ordered a wood fired heater/stove thingy. I shudder to think of the power bill will be like running the electric heater, and with timber being in plentiful (free) supply we have decided to go for what will be kinder on the pocket in the long term (fully expecting the power bill to be the same price as the heater!).  It hasn't arrived yet (of course as soon as it does we'll get a wonderful warm spell!) and despite the fact that I will have to re-arrange the whole house to make space for the darned thing, I am looking forward to having a warmer living area with that lovely wood fire smell wafting about.


One thing I have been enjoying are these little babies. They have been keeping my toes toasty (and allowing me to get a decent sleep!) at night. Perhaps not so attractive, but so so cosy. And no where near as silly as a snuggi.


They don't look much, but are the cleverest little bed sock ever  - they stay ON! and have little non slippy things on the sole like baby's socks, so those middle of the night wanders to the loo or a kids room are done without going leg up.

I'm even contemplating another pair - so when the first one is in the wash I can slip on the second pair and still slumber in peace!

Does anyone else find if they have cold feet they just don't sleep well?

If I could follow a crochet pattern I'd even contemplate making some:

AAAACzwWPnYAAAAAAM1kBg But for about ten bucks I think at Woolies, I think my sanity would be preserved by just grabbing them off the shelf and throwing them in the trolley.

School holidays start tomorrow afternoon. Hoping that I will be able to gather my thoughts and all of the stray tissues from around the house, and breathe freely again. (and I mean literally!) We are all recovering from our little virus cold thing, which hasn't been all that bad at all actually. Here's hoping we manage to avoid anything flu like, but with a trip to the city scheduled next week, I am not holding my breath.....

Posting with more substance, sense and interestingness will resume soon!


  1. I had already decided we'd be installing one of those wood-fired heaters at our next home. Now, will be able to get the good oil from you. I've always thought our Winters weren't long enough or cold enough to warrant a heating device, but this one's proving a little different (Global warming and all).
    And yes, we are hoping for a lotto win before there's any chance of a new home on Bottle Tree.

    Enjoy your trip to the city!
    And seriously Sharon, substance, sense and interestingness are over-rated.
    I think I'm heading to town with a sick dog to the Vet. Should be fun. The last vet trip I made with a rottweiler involved a muzzle and much sedation, this one's not so savage, hopefully will run a little more smoothly.
    You have a great weekend.

  2. Oh Sharon, I am slightly amused at the thought of you in a snuggi! Ghastly looking things that they are ... though I am sure they must be wonderfully comfortable ... maybe?

    Our wood heater runs nearly all day ... very low electricity and gas bills here this winter ... thanks goondess!


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