Saturday, June 4, 2011


In winter, my footwear changes - on the days that my feet are just too cold - from my standard wear of thongs, to something with slightly more coverage.

_MG_6839These slightly too big, well worn stunning little numbers, teamed with mismatching socks, and jeans. Feature fairly heavily on the Winter Footwear Rotation. Along with my fluffy pink Ugg boot like slippers. (as in woollen, but far more granny looking than the trendy Ugg boot!)

Some days though, when a public outing is required, I step it up a little.

_MG_6884(and here is a challenge for you: try and take a photo of your boots, while you are wearing them, and not sitting down. Its a little harder than you think, especially when other family members think they need to join in)

_MG_6890  Not nearly as artistic, is it.

Let us appreciate my own boots again:


And the way the orange hem on my jeans matches my boots! :-)

Small things amuse small minds. Sigh.


  1. The Four Year Old is going to be mighty jealous when I show her these sparkly numbers! Happy shoes are so much fun ... I'm never that adventurous.

    I do really like your boots though :-)

  2. so different to my boots...damm had them on last night ...should have taken a photo

  3. Love your boots. I love boots - live in them all winter. Got many pairs...

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who wears mis-matched socks! only I wear black socks with variations of stripes and spots at the same time!


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