Thursday, June 16, 2011

making stuff

other than scrapbooking. Been on a bit of a creative rampage, I have been. I suspect it has a fair bit to do with the weather outside and how toasty my office (aka creative central!) can be, with a little time with the oil heater on.

Anyhow, the other day I made what I thought, was a terribly cute mobile, using felt balls and green bakers twine (of which I have approximately 500 metres!). But you know what? I was in such a hurry to parcel it up and get it to the gift recipient (a new little "Amelia Betty" baby girl) that I didn't take a photo. Shame on me. Amelia's mum, who loves the mobile and its boppy little colourful balls, promises me she will take a photo, one day.

So, that little success led me to order some more little felt balls, and this time, needing a gift for a baby shower (never been to one before) I decided to try a "garland", as I was lacking brain power and anything mobile like to string the balls from.

And then I got all creative and made pretty packaging AND a card to match.

_MG_6958 out of an empty olives jar (which was soaked and then dried in the oven to get rid of the pickled smell!) The colours of the balls I was sent this time aren't as bright, but still cute...(however should there be a next time I will be specific in my colour choice as I was when I got them for the mobile). The mum to be can drape this over curtains or on the wall or wherever she wants.

_MG_6960I thought I would try a pin wheel...which when small in size are fiddly to make. Just tellin' ya ;-)

Then I dived into my stash of recycled gift bags, and as it so happened I had the perfect green bag to match. A sheet of pink tissue paper, and I think it is presentable.

_MG_6962Is this the sort of thing that one gives at a baby shower? Given this is her third child, and the baby is due next week, and I had planned a different, small gift for when the baby is born. 

Is a baby shower just an excuse to have a girly get together? I am really unsure of its purpose! Anyhow I hope its suitable, and am looking forward to the girly get together and yummy afternoon tea! ;-)


  1. You are my crafting idol! :-) This is just fantastically cute and clever and wonderful!

    Yes, a baby shower is an excuse for a girlie get together - the passing of wisdom - enjoying being away from our own brood while contemplate a new brood for the mother to be!


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