Tuesday, June 14, 2011

look who dropped in!


A flock? A herd? A mob? of Ibis. Or is that Ibises. or Ibi?

Whatever, we'd not seen that many together before. Quietly poking about, getting bugs or worms or something out of the lawn.

Until the children tried to 'neak up on them. Or rather, child. Guess which one.


They make a sort of honking noise, like a goose, when disturbed. And fly away.

So nice of them to drop in!

Thanks for the great response to the Simple Aussie Girls blog. I promise it won't be all scrapping here, but there might be a fair bit for the next little while.

Gotta fly, running to town to collect my boy from kindy! thanks for dropping by


  1. Be careful how close you get - they can be nasty and have been known to swoop down here!

  2. We call them flying rats. Pain in the arse down here .

  3. Wow!! Those are beautiful!! What kind of birds are they? We don't have anything that looks like them here in NY. I love to see the photos that people from other parts of the world post of animals and birds in their backyard. Such beautiful creatures that I've never seen before and would absolutely faint if I ever saw them in my backyard!! : )

    ~ Wendy


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