Thursday, June 30, 2011

yard work

We had a some cows to deal with on the weekend just past (I do realise that its nearly the weekend again, but its been THAT sort of week) So much for some relaxing school holidays.

The kids + that pesky spare kid came along to help. They were very useful.

_MG_7119Looking guilty in the branding pen.

_MG_7122Burying some poor unsuspecting beetle they found, in a huge pile of sand outside the yards. Hands on science experiments. ;-)

_MG_7127Going on walks "exploring" and looking for cockatoo feathers.

Yes, they were terribly useful.


  1. 8 yr old is impressed with all he sees, likes the thought of exploring for feathers and has recently discovered that it is dinosaur territory up your way .... fascinated when he was reading about the Muttaburrsaurus.

    Have a good couple of days away, see you when you get back!

  2. Are you calling Sharon a dinosaur Amy??? lol

    love the pinks and reds amongst the earthy colours!


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