Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tuesday and Wednesday

Activity for Tuesday:

P1020362Chasing cows and getting very dusty.

P1020363Take photos of said cows and realise they aren't meant to be heading out there to the right AT ALL, put camera away post haste, grit my teeth and negotiate my way through and over those logs to put the cows back on the straight and narrow. And wish I were at home painting my toenails fuschia.

On Wednesday, I watched my brother in law do this:

P1020377 Preg testing time. I wondered whether to post this photo, but in the interest of full disclosure, there you go. The cow feels about the same as you might after any of those exciting bi-annual visits to the dr, if you catch my drift. No harm done, not very exciting, but he can tell very quickly if the cow is pregnant or not.

We throw around a lot of terms like "wet"and "dry" and "empty" or "pregnant" (can you guess what we are referring to when we use these terms?) Anything that is Empty, gets particular attention, as a good breeder ideally needs to produce a calf every twelve months. Obviously things like nutrition and environmental conditions play a part in conception rates, and this factors into our considerations.

Anything fat, dry AND empty gets a one way ticket on a truck and onto the shelf in Woolies or Coles.

My role is to record, open gates, shut gates, take photos and avoid poop. Not entirely successful at the latter. 

P1020380 The boy child, he entertains himself. Climbing gates and races, wielding green sticks, asking for food and drink (all carted along in a little insulated cooler bag) poking uncles and dads and grandads in the bum with green sticks, trying to sit on mothers lap, getting in the way, and generally keeping himself otherwise occupied.

And when we are done, I come home, and consider the laundry pile that appears to have bred itself while I have been occupied elsewhere. 


  1. Of course I absolutely love this post. Isn't it amazing how much trouble you can get into working cattle in just the time it takes to take a photograph or two. I actually overheard my husband telling soemone yesterday that I used to be quite useful in the paddock, now it seems everytime something is turning to putty, instead of being there to lend a hand I've a camera stuck to my face! (It's all about the blog dear, the blog).
    Aren't kids amazing at entertaining themselves, did he pinch a glove or two?
    Hopefully you can enjoy being in the laundry today!

  2. I remeber going out with my parents as a kid and having to entertain myself while they did these sorts of jobs - or a variant of - I am pretty grateful I don't have to do it now though!

    Things are looking snazzy over here Sharon ... the header is very smart!

  3. I am in awe at the contrasts in our lives.
    Today I had a coffee at the local Westfield with a friend, popped into target for some round-the-yard clothes for Maddy and let her have a little fun at Smiggle! All in high boots, jeans, a pink jumper with hair friggin different!!!
    I TOTALLY love your post Sharon xxx

  4. Ditto what Di said. It took me a while to figure out WHAT B-I-L was even doing!? I don't think I have ever even been on a farm. And yes, all my boots have heels...

  5. Oooh, header changes are VERY GOOD!!!!!


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