Monday, June 20, 2011

One of those days...

when the stuffy headed snot-fest the kids have been battling came my way. I should have just parked up on the couch. Bloody kids germs!

Instead I:

half heartedly packed the dishwasher and tidied the kitchen

half heartedly perused my blog reader and pinterest

half heartedly put the washing on the line (the other half threw all undies and socks in the dryer) and pretended that the washing that was still on the line was damp from the heavy dew from last night.

realised that there was pretty much no kid liking food in the cupboard. Amy and Fiona I know will be absolutely aghast at the horror of it, but the boy and I made a packet mix chocolate cake. And instead of icing it, I dumped a heap of hundreds and thousands on the top before I put it in the oven. It came out just as the girls came home from school, and after 10 minutes I sliced it and they ate the best part of it. Nice and warm. A packet mix is still a cake!

half heartedly flicked through a catalogue and magazine that came in the mail (normally my favourite mail day activity!)

blew my nose countless times and cursed the two girls for leaving tissues on the floor every bloody where.

wiped boy child's nose numerous times and bum once. (yes. still being conned)

decided that I might try and do something sort of constructive and made this scrap page, which really was also a half hearted attempt too:

_MG_7069_MG_7071The completion of this page pretty much wraps up 2009 for this girl (apart from two almost done pages that are in the book but unfinished due to printer tantrums)  - I didn't want to skip over a whole year in an attempt to only scrap the "here and now " (I do keep a notebook in which I scrawl notes and observations, as well as take more than enough photos to capture any moment. so I can do the here and now - retrospectively! ) so I decided to do some quick and abbreviated pages instead. Not a whole lot of deep and meaningful but a dip into the child's life during that year.

Anyhow folks, I need to replenish my supply of tissues, that will no doubt go through the wash when I do the next load, and might pretend I am a cat and go sit in the sun and do nothing for awhile.


  1. I forgive you for not paying attention to my post about the recent packet mix birthday cake .... good grief, they are necessary if you ask me!

    Page is delightful and a valid way to spend a portion of your day when you feel less than stellar!

  2. Now don't you go putting me on any cooking pedestal ... I've been known to whip up a packet mix on more than one occasion!
    I also regularly throw undies and socks in the dryer.
    Now, go take a Bex and have a good lie down. I'll check on you tomorrow.

  3. Packet mix baked here to today...bloody beautiful.
    Hope your in bed right now sleeping of they day.
    And super cute page :)

  4. I really love that page and would be interested in the fonts you used.
    What is that "blissfull days" and the journaling written with, please? Would you please tell me?

    Thank you

  5. Hope you feel better soon. This is a wonderful page! Love the colours and the cute sun/cloud :)

  6. I love your layouts. Clean, beautiful designs and with a personal touch. Aaaahh, would love to see them all! :)


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