Wednesday, June 15, 2011

simple pages

Welcome, if you've popped over from Simple Aussie Girls. And of course to my regular readers (especially those friends who read all of the time and don't comment! ;-) you know who you are!)

I know there are a few of you out there who hesitate to get into "scrapbooking" because of the "stuff" and the "fuss". These divided page protectors - of which there are many different configurations - with or without some pretty paper, are a great solution to your memory keeping problems.

The example I've used below have 4x4 pockets requiring the photo's I've used to be cropped, but there are many that take 4x6 photos in different orientations, and they are just as simple and effective to use as these.





I love divided these page protectors for those times I have a heap of photos I want to include in my child's album (heaven knows I have plenty) but don't have an awful lot to say. Really, the longest bit was selecting the photos! Using 4x6 pockets makes the process even quicker - simply slot in the photos and then - if you are feeling clever - cut some 4x6 card, run through your printer with your journaling and done. In my case, feeling fancy, I prettied things up a bit, and the pages (back to back) slot into my daughter's album seamlessly. You could however, just use standard index cards (most of which are 4x6) from the newsagents and handwrite any notes or story about the photos you've used.

Truly, memory keeping at its simplest, and as time gets more precious, there will be more pages through my albums using this format.  There are no limitations - need more space for the story you have to tell? Use TWO of the pockets. I can see a whole album done using these page protectors (well actually, its been done! google Becky Higgins and Project Life, as I am too lazy to find the link!)

Its all about memory keeping. Simple.


  1. I'll admit, I'm one of those faithful stalkers that never comments. :( Sorry 'bout that.
    I need to get back to scrapbooking. At this rate, I'll never finish 2008. LOL.
    I have so much paper, I could scrapbook the whole neighborhood's lives and never buy anything! Haha.

  2. Sharon, you always find just the right combination of pretty paper and simplicity - these are such a great example of how effective the divided page protectors are!
    I love how you journaled about the kids too - mine are the same! :-)

  3. Ok I definitely need to get some of these! Love, love, love this idea. What brand are they and where did you purchase?


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