Sunday, June 19, 2011

On Friday

we took a day off school and went to a local field day (the term being relative, as its a 300km round trip!) where we had a trade exhibit for our business.

The kids, of course, posed for some shots.

_MG_6967With enthusiasm,  as you can tell. Another stellar shot for the album, kids are sitting on the back of our truck - and peering over to the right at the dodgem cars that I refused to spend good money on (again).

This one decided she could do a stint of modelling:

_MG_6966In its groovy sunglasses.

To appease the lack of being allowed to go on any rides, or purchase any crap showbags (which we didn't buy at our own show a few weeks ago either) I told them they could choose one item from a lovely stall that was selling Penny Scallan items (and 25% off! bonus!) so at least they would be taking home something of quality.

The younger two rascals choose these (with a small amount of prompting)

_MG_6969Meet Sydney and Charlie, who provided great entertainment all afternoon, all of the way home, and all day yesterday. The box that each came in has also been put to good use, becoming a car for each. Great value I say! (and no over consumption of sugar, apart from that icecream we had after lunch! ;-)

The big girl, being older and far more sophisticated, chose a stainless steel water bottle with a cute bird print on it,  that she could carry in her handbag, and take to school.

_MG_6981As we left, the kids begged and pleaded and moaned and groaned to be allowed to have a play at the playground beside the township's lake. Mindful of the 150km trip in front of me, I let them scamper about for 10 minutes, and then loaded them back in. We had fish n chips in town on the way through, and got home well in time for a hot bath and bedtime.

Now all I have to do is contend with that darned washing pile that seems to have expanded with that just one day away from home.....


  1. I am impressed with what they chose and the first shot is an absolute cracker Sharon!

  2. Btw, the first born looks so grown up!

  3. I well understand the wrath of children deprived of fairy floss, show bags and dodgem rides! You're a brave lady. I do love what they did come home with though. So much more long-lasting than the camouflage vest, bubble gum and junky purses we came home with. Your second girl cuts a fine figure in those shades ... cool.

  4. Love those monkeys!!! Does she have an online store??


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