Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Show

There's been a bit happening this week, and a fair bit o' blog posting, so I hadn't gotten around to telling you about the local agricultural show. As you might recall, the kids and I put some effort in by putting entries into the pavilion, and were rewarded for those efforts. I can now truthfully claim to be an award winning photographer! (we don't need to say WHAT award  - or where - I won, do we? hee hee) Although it is most gratifying to note that other people also think one's favourite shots are also pretty good.

The kids were excited to get dressed up for a day out, and consented to the standard daggy we-are-going-somewhere-dressed-up photo. (taken with point and shoot, which explains the lesser quality of the image)

P1020326 A friend of ours was lurking around the dodgems when the kids had their solitary ride, and took this charming shot:

DSC_0205(in the red hat, if you couldn't pick me out) I am not sure that I really like the dodgems.

She also took this one.

DSC_0041  Which is of my 6 foot something tall husband having to take our boy on the big slide when the boy bailed at the top and wouldn't come down. As you can see, he didn't really enjoy the experience. As for his mother, standing at the bottom? Enjoyed every moment of it, nearly peed herself laughing at the sight of her husband on the slide. Best two bucks ever spent!

We stayed for the fireworks, even though it meant enduring the constant we want this and we want that and can I have some more sugar in a bucket fairy floss and we are hungry and we are thirsty and can I have another icecream's.

And let me tell you: the sugar let down the next day (after they snuck into the left over fairy floss during the day) was.not.pretty.

We live and learn. Still, it was a good show. I have my rosette on the fridge to prove it. (I'm an award winning photographer, don't forget! snort)


  1. I only hope that award-winning Northern Qld photographers will still feel able to converse with us Central non-award-winning types.
    Pleased we got a show report ... not proud to say I have albums full of "I've gone to the effort of getting you all dressed up, and while you're clean I'm taking your photo" photos, (non-award winning mind you).
    And I absolutely love your red hat. I'm off to the races next Saturday. We do it every year ... ladies only, no photos will be taken!
    Weather report ... raining and freezing!

  2. Yes Fiona, even us down here in the deep south who have never been fortunate enough to have been graced with rosette's and accolades!
    Alas, dear woman, where are these great shots? Do you dare post them here? Or, is this not the correct canvas for such renound work?

  3. Yes Fiona and Amy...I wonder will she till converse with us mere 'happy snappers' sigh...snort!!!

    Love these shots BRILLIANT!!!!!


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