Sunday, June 12, 2011

what won what

So, a couple of my bloggy peeps and fellow photography lovers have asked to see what won what at our local show, seeing as said show sets such a benchmark in the photography world. Not. That being said, our district does boast some mighty fine talent (some of which didn't exhibit, which is a pity) and we all love looking at what is on display.

Here is what the judge liked. I did pull some of the photos I had chosen to put in, after they had been printed - I didn't think they were good enough, or I already had better images in a particular section. Its always fascinating as to what a judge thinks is worthy (particularly in the sections that I placed 1st 2nd and 3rd - why did he like one over the other?)

show results

(and to clarify the "two or more people" section, 1st starts with the three kids in a pile, 2nd the reflections shot and 3rd the bride and groom;  the family shot on the old truck: I had enlarged  - with plans to frame for the wall).

The number of people that commented on the husband and kids shot - and laughed at the expression on Trevor's face. They know him well. ;-)

I guess this means I am good at people shots.

OH I've forgotten to show you my lovely orange rosette! For "senior encouragement award" in the photography. I promise to wear it tonight with my flannelette pj's and have the kids take a photo. Its sure to be a stunner.


  1. bagged a ton of prizes. Go Shazza!!!!
    SNORT...senior encouragement award...

  2. Sharon, they are beautiful photos. I think it shows with portraits you really need to be up close. Closer the better. I'm still a complete novice but think there's so much to be learnt by looking at other's photography. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sharon, sorry I am late to the partay here ... I blame being away and enjoying her maj's birthday weekend!

    Oh, you had a great selection to offer the judges - thay are all fantastic ... and, what's with the senior business?

  4. Many congratulations on such success! Your clearly 'do' people really really well. :)


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