Wednesday, June 15, 2011

live export - the other side of the story.

I can't sit quietly any longer.  This hasn't ever really been a forum for current affairs or controversial matters, but the ban on live export effects our livelihood in so many different ways and on so many different levels....and whilst I in no way support the practises that were shown on the 4Corners show, there are ways and means around this problem (cynically, we have high suspicions that quite a lot of it was set up) without causing such damage to our industry.

In case you didn't know: we own a cattle property. And whilst we don't cater for the live export market, the flow on affect from this ban has a hugely significant impact on our own markets AND our other business, which is supported by the beef industry.

I can't put it any better than this post from a fellow blogger and rural living mother like myself. I've borrowed some of her words, however PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK TO HER BLOG and read the full story.

"As most of you will be aware Angie and I live on cattle properties in Central Western Queensland. Like many others we were shocked with the 4 corners report on the slaughter of Australian cattle in Indonesia. Shocking images of animal cruelty but we wonder why 'the other side of the story' was not shown. It is very easy to sit back on the couch and watch stories such as the 4 corners broadcast but do you really know ALL the facts? 

The other side of the story is the hardworking Australian families who will suffer from this decision to suspend live export.  As a friend of ours, Kylie,  put in her story -  "There will be stories of despair, heartbreak, death, bankruptcy and loss. They will be stories of people who have been forsaken by their nation."

Please do go to Kirsty's blog, there is much much more to read and to digest.

I thank you for taking the time to read this, and please, please, follow the links. We are all everyday families, living the same lives as you - kids, family life, just in a different part of the country.Paying bills - which all of a sudden, we very well not be able to pay in a short period of time. We look after our animals, we look after the land that we guard for our children, and theirs after. And we are feeling very scared, and very forgotten.

I hope you can help support us by spreading "the other side of the story".


  1. I am so glad you have put this up here tonight, thanks for the links ... it is good for us city slickers to see and read for ourselves, I know that the media and the government don't always put the most balanced point of view out there!

  2. Sharon, I applaud you for saying something. I've had a post rattling around in my head for some time now, but didn't feel ready to handle the string of uninformed commentary that would follow. The fact that 97% of Indonesian meatworks do process cattle in a completely humane manner has not been reported. We are already feeling the ripple effect down here. Cattle prices dropped 10c/kilo this week, there are already forecasts of doomed bull sales this year and our phone's running hot with agents trying to place hundreds of heifers that no longer have a market.
    My heart breaks for the producers directly affected. Yes, there will be tales of despair and God forbid, suicide... but what's more important to the general public ... patting themselves on the back for closing down a billion dollar trade in the name of animal welfare.
    God save us all ... because the government certainly won't.

  3. Oh don't get me started. Whilst I have a tiny little exposure to the cattle industry - this goes way bigger than this. How can a government make decisions on behalf of the people of Australia without consultation or regard for the flow on effect!!! ARRGH. I did think Australia was a democracy - but I wonder each day with the way this country is being managed. My heart goes out to you country folk who feed us city folk and get none of the koudos that generations before may have received in respect and thanks. I hope the decision is reversed soon and I see that the MLA is working towards that....POLITICS..not only tedious but it ruins families. Fran A


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