Thursday, June 30, 2011

done skipping

Last week - which seems just like yesterday, this week being so hectic, we went to another small local school to have a little jump off.

Skipping jump off.

The kids have been practising for ages and were happy to show off their skills.

_MG_7083Georgie is all about speed, and runs out of puff pretty quickly. She IS getting very good though.

_MG_7084This one is starting to get more co-ordinated and goes a bit steadier, and there fore has more stamina.  She ended up being the girl that skipped the longest. And won a rather cool prize. But more on that later...

_MG_7099We tried to squeeze all 17 odd kids into the one jump rope. They did manage to get a couple of jumps in all at the same time. It was hilarious.

And remember that cool prize?

_MG_7145An MP3 player. One eight year old girl is now too cool for school, and of course we must cart the bloody thing everywhere and have it stuck in one's ears when mum is issuing orders. She had to be restrained from taking it to the cattle yards - not an ideal place to a lack of ability to hear yells of "watch out" coming your way! ;-)

And apparently we need better music. She has plans of taking her new toy to our very cool and hip neighbour across the road (also our teacher aide) to get more hip and happenin' music.

Feeling old and ungroovy once again.....   


  1. Our kids are going through a skipping phase at school at the moment as well. Good healthy fun. Love the look of the bush background in the first photo.
    And what a cool prize (and a cool photo). Word of advice ... they don't handle a washing cycle in jeans pockets. Good life lesson though.

  2. get your funk on miss sharon!!!!

    love all these photos :)

  3. Very cool prize! I just lay-byed my three ipod touches for Christmas *sigh* Maybe I should stock up on 'cool' music??? LOL

  4. My oldest went through a long struggle when he first got his ipod to find the appropriate (well, mom's opinion of appropriate) level of listening and not listening - turn it off at the table, earbuds out in social settings, etc.

  5. Wow, Lucy is our schools' skipping champ (they even thought it necessary to discuss her skill in her school report!) though no cool prizes here, in fact no prize at all! Won't show her this...


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