Thursday, July 21, 2011

afternoon light

I have to confess that, so far, I've done diddly squat in editing wedding photos. And about the same in preparing for the BAS due next week. And about paying this month's bills. This week I am in denial, or perhaps recovery from the adventures of two weekends in a row. Next week, my butt will be in this darned office chair and I will be looking for excuses to do laundry or, heaven forbid, bake a cake or something.

In the spirit of procrastination, yesterday I decided to cut some flowers, after my much neglected Iceberg rose came back to good health after getting a hefty feed of cow poop from the cattle yards. Multi vitamins for roses, would could say. I dragged grandma's crystal vase out of the cupboard in which to house them, and then, they looked so pretty, and the light outside was so good, I had to pick up my camera.

IMG_8572IMG_8567 I made sure to cut only stems that had buds and not fully opened flowers on them. I am the worlds worst flower arranger, but really, any fresh flower bunged in a vase looks nice doesn't it?!

IMG_8576Then I got all excited about the light refraction of the setting sun through the crystal vase. 

IMG_8580The sunset in winter up here is so much milder and gives such great light. Summer? Its just burny and harsh, and the sunset colours are different. Its only at this time of year that we get these colours....

taken from my favourite spot, near the clothes line (of course!) I should show you how dodgy this old fence is one day...we do "rustic" well. Its a pity "rustic" feels more like "falling down and needs fixing" when it belongs to you!


  1. Winter sunlight is lovely down here too - if we ever see the sun again that is!

    These are just gorgeous Sharon!

  2. Lucky you having sunlight. I am absolutely sick of the pouring rain in Sydney at the moment!

  3. Ah yes, we do rustic rather well in these parts too Sharon. The lighting is beautiful at the
    moment, the girls and I have been admiring the sunsets most evenings, even though quite chilly.
    Just have to one up you ... I've done one BAS, the biggest and hardest to go, and only this morning realised it's damn near end of months again! How does this keep happening.
    Have a great weekend ... at home.

  4. great pics, good luck with all those jobs for next week!!


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