Tuesday, July 12, 2011

a change of pace

I was feeling like tinkering with my sewing machine and fabric the other day, instead of paper and glue (or even instead of folding washing or cobwebbing) so I started with a simple project for that still un born baby girl.

_MG_7161A burp cloth - some pretty fabric on top and some chenille/towelling stuff on the back. Just a bit nicer than an old cloth nappy slung over the shoulder, yes? especially for outings with baby. I've got a couple of more on the go, and they take very little time and thought to put together. And are very pretty all stacked up together! Feels nice to create a gift that is (hopefully) useful, instead of buying something from the shop, or even from the likes of madeit dot com, that someone else has made.

Something that did take more time, and more thought for this rusty at sewing brain, involved a slight miscalculation that changed the intended purpose of this next little creation.


Which ended up being a rather great miscalculation - a little, padded wallet thingy for the big girl to keep all of her electronic gadgets all in the one spot - especially for in the car!  A pocket for the mp3 player, one for the DS, and another pocket for any extra games that she might wish to take (if she had any more than three games of course, but that day will come I am sure!) The two pockets on the left have little clips to shut them so mp3 players don't fall out and total devastation occur because it has been lost ;-)

_MG_7165I pinched one of the girls hair ties to turn into a fastener, and a firmly attached button to keep it all together. All in all, it ended up being a success, and of course will probably have to make at least two more as the other kids eventually get their own gadgets.(am also thinking could be a great gift idea for the cousins as well! in suitable boy or girl fabrics as the case may be) Our recent trip to the city WITHOUT this wallet proved that it really is needed to keep these valuable little toys safely in one spot, instead of floating around on the floor or on the seat under a bum.

Hoping I get some time to run up some more simple little sewing projects, but this week isn't looking good for that so far!


  1. BRILLIANT!!!! Love it !!!!!!!!

  2. These are gorgeous...you are very clever! What a great idea!!!

  3. Love that top fabric, perfect for what I am thinking of this summer. Alos would be a great pp. I so wish someone would make pp and fabric the same!


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