Tuesday, July 5, 2011

today I am

still dealing with sick kids - this time #2 is upchucking and looking pale on the couch, watching Tangled for the 20th time . #3 spent the day pretty much attached to the toilet (this time the bottom end giving the problems!) and #1 spent Saturday feeling ill as well.

Me, I have been feeling queasy, but that could be all of the dealing with the stuff coming from both ends of children at different times. Not entirely pleasant, and that antibacterial handwash has been well used.

I've also been loving pinterest, still, and finding a couple of little projects to play with (lord knows I should be doing something housework-y, like tossing around disinfectant - but luckily the kids are getting old enough to keep their upchucking tidy and get to the toilet on time - which makes tossing the disinfectant around so much easier!) I love that all of the "one day I might do this" projects are all tidily in one place.

Like this, for a soon to be born baby girl (in girly colours of course!)

and one of these, only using far prettier fabric. (its a nappy wallet - how I wish I had known about these or had this idea when I was carting nappies around!)

and maybe some of these (a simple pretty burp cloth!)

Funny that I am sewing baby stuff now all of my kids aren't babies anymore....

I'll share how things turn (or not) out!


  1. I'm on the lookout for baby stuff too, new found aunty-hood! Those bibs look great ... I can't believe how much has changed in five years ... now I sound like my MIL!

  2. i am going to get my machine out too...but NO baby clothes here!!!


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