Friday, July 1, 2011

look what I found in the bushes

on the way home from the property with the kids the other day, we stopped to look at this shrub that is flowering.  The wildflowers seem to take their turn - not all of them flowering at once, just one at a time, very politely.

The kids were happy to pose as pixies in the wildflowers, dirty faces and all:

_MG_7131I think you can tell it was at the end of the day by the hair, and the faces, and the generous coating of dirt. And apparently being a pixie in the bushes gives one the giggles. ;-)

_MG_7134Just a perfect time of day for taking photos; soft light, and those lovely yellow shrubs. I think this one will be a favourite. I really should put it on the wall.

_MG_7133This one isn't as good, although look at those freckles. Someone didn't have her hat on her head enough!

_MG_7137This one was more worried that his sisters were legging it back down the road and a bunyip would get them; or perhaps it was they were legging it without him and he was missing out on some adventure. Probably the more likely case. I didn't get a good shot of him, what with the worry of it all!

_MG_7135And this one is of that pesky spare kid, for her mum. I think she might like this one printed and framed for the wall too. I could edit the dirt off her face, but really, this kid normally acquires dirt on it at some stage during each day, so its a real representation of the child. And what cute freckles.    


  1. Excellent photos Sharon ... cheeky pixies indeed!

  2. That pesky spare is a CUTIE!!! What amazing light and backdrop for an impromptu photo shoot - will come visit just for these shots.

  3. Sharon 10/10 for your photos luv, these are awesome....even with all the dirt they look like country kids....I love them...get them on the wall and framed!!!

  4. Agree with everyone Excellent!! I love your photos they are special... I love the stray hairs floating and catching the light!...nice to see a pic of the pesky kid too!


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