Sunday, July 31, 2011

some snippets of the past few days...


Some vegemite on toast and red cordial (apparently great for sick tummies? and also well liked by little boys) for morning tea, when the big girl was sick. PJ's and bed head included! Sitting in the sun, on the little front verandah.

IMG_8955 Feeding and harassing the show horses down the road, which we are currently in charge of while their owners are away. Show horses are not so sure about the small noisy creatures but putting up with them for the sake of feed.

IMG_8985Hanging washing. Boy laughing at the stuffed Tiger hanging by its tail on the line. Grass at clothes line in dire need of haircut, but its so nice for rustic photographic uses! Indeed, note the rustic, certainly NOT shiny and modern, back of house.

IMG_8994Husband cooking eggs. Cluttered, as usual, kitchen bench. Old stove, that won't bloody die.

IMG_9011The boys room during, and nearly done, clean up and re-shuffle of furniture. It was much much much worse than this, believe me. Reshuffle necessary to make room for the wood heater/stove thing, which whilst "in place" is not installed and probably won't be for another two cold winters. That is how things roll around here (and don't believe that I sound happy about it!)

IMG_9032 Driving back into town after feeding the horses down the road again (its an every-afternoon job) I sat the camera on the dash board in front of me and just pressed the button. Must take advantage of that light this afternoon.

IMG_9037Unwilling participant in dog washing exercise (and check out the audience!) more evidence of grass needing mowing!

IMG_9054And how about this for REAL: grubby floor (about to vacuum it actually!) and messy kitchen, kids unpacking the dishwasher (and one using egg rings as a bracelet as well!) . Someone said something about taking the photos of how it really is? Well, this is it. And man, doesn't a photo make you realise how dodgy the floor is on your old house. Its on the list, getting the floors polished and done properly. But there a few other things in front of the splash back...

On the home run with this Week In The Life Project. I've not taken nearly as many photos as it appears other people have, but again, my intention was to keep the whole thing simple. My plan is just two facing pages per day, and perhaps once that floor is clean and kitchen a little less arrrrggggh-inducing ;-) I might have a play.

So there you have it, a tiny taste of the past few days.


  1. I am so impressed that the rare occurance of a husband cooking was captured ... what a unique species your husband is!

    That shot by the washing line is just hilarious - I love it!

  2. and love the messy floor shot REAL :)xxxx

  3. all great photos of real life stuff...after all it's for your kids when they get older not blogland cyber friends even though we love seeing them.... glad you participated in the WITL with us all.

  4. Hi Sharon, thanks for visiting my blog! Love love LOVE your verandah, just want to be on it with a cup of tea. Great photo of your cat in your last post!

  5. Love love love it all. You have totally inspired me to go NUTS with the camera today. (esp love male in kitchen and egg ring braclets).


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