Saturday, July 2, 2011

vegetable garden

or lack thereof.

Finally got the husband to round up some dirt to top up my vegetable gardens.
_MG_7105I have four large troughs that form my vegetable beds. It was his idea, although I am still not sold on it being the best format for vegetables, they are in place and have worked well enough for the past two years. Apart from a nasty bug eating things, but that isn't the troughs fault!
_MG_7108Watering in the manure and hay mixture of dirt we (using the term loosely, he did topped them up when I was away on afternoon, which was rather good timing on my part!) topped the beds up with - once they've had a good watering I will turn and mix through the soil.

Hoping that I haven't left my planting run a little late; my next issue will be contending with the birds - that like to eat little seedlings....


  1. Looking good! How industrious of your husband to top your gardens up in your absence ... I'm very impressed!
    Looking forward to tales of vegetable abundance in the near future.

  2. Wow, I'm so so jealous. I hope the product is ample!


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