Thursday, July 7, 2011

that sort of day

and this too:

Tis indeed that sort of efforts in child slavery are today proving to be most difficult, its a full time job to be getting them to do ANY of their chores without supervision. Little stinkers. Like its hard to 1. clean your room and 2. tidy the bathroom and 3. unpack the dishwasher.

Yep, cranky mum is in the house. Best get back to cracking the whip.


  1. I refuse to feed them til chores are done. I agree - how hard is it? It takes them longer to grumble and negotiate than it would to just do the chore!

  2. Exactly right Nicole! You should see the dodgy clean up job done here today .... but then again, we have also had builders here creating what can only be describe as the motherload of messes ... will take week to sort out I reckon!

  3. sigh...after 3 days off i will have to crack the whip tomorrow

  4. Since my washing machine broke down and I have been schlepping my washing to the laundromat. Nudists DEFINITELY seem sane.


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