Thursday, July 28, 2011

what makes me smile

This, while not WITL (from last week, and its gone in the mail) makes me smile. I should have scanned it. But didn't. Was feeling lazy.

IMG_8726And that little story is in her own words. Especially the "he likes to swing and swing and swing every day". :-)

And here is a picture of Cheeky Charlie. Complete with TAIL in case you thought it was some other bit of anatomy!IMG_8725 And her handwriting? her own little embellishments with curly bits and hearts. All in year one. Got to give her points for creativity I guess! (lets not talk about spelling, I just let her go and get her story told)

Plugging along with WITL...


  1. LOL!!!!! Thanks so much for the laugh!! The tail is adorable!! You have a budding artist on your hands!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  2. Mail? Did you say mail? Not penpal mail surely??? I do hope so!
    Very cute indeed :-)


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