Saturday, July 2, 2011

otherwise occupied

Just back from a busy trip to the city, and I have things on my mind.

A large pile of washing. Refer to paragraph a few down, below.

An even larger pile of groceries to unpack and put away.

A very well used credit card. I don't want to see the bill when it arrives.

An eldest daughter needing mild prescription glasses, which she is thrilled about as she chose and would not be persuaded otherwise, pinky-purple Hannah Montana frames with sparkly bits on the side. See credit card.

A car seat full of vomit.

Two sets of clothes and one blanket covered in vomit. Purchase of one plastic bowl in which to catch the vomit which proved useless as it was on the floor at the time of second upchuck. Oldest daughter traumatised by my suggestion to give youngest child her bag in which to chuck into. My reply was that the bag is easier to clean than the (carpeted) floor of the car.

Various forms of shopping to unpack from haphazardly packed back of car, made worse by ransacking of in search of a clean change of clothes to put on upchucking child.

Bargain purchases had for boy's upcoming birthday (thank you Big W toy sale).

Over consumption of Macca's food combined with the realisation that feeding the family elsewhere requires second mortgage and a LOT more time to sit around waiting to be fed.

I think I need to take a Little Lie Down.

1 comment:

  1. sounds like an action packed afternoon...don't envy the clean up!!Kath


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