Monday, July 25, 2011

she's wounded

don't ask me how, some sort of mucking about that ended in her forehead connecting with the latch of her wardrobe. She cried that cry when you know they are hurt, one you don't hear from a big girl like this too often.

IMG_8716It looks far better here, the next day, than the evening before when it happened. The egg was large, the bruise prominent. But obviously that fancy, horrendously expensive cream that I have really DOES work on bruises. Like magic.

Not one to miss out on milking a good wound however, even if she is a Big Girl (or nearly ;-) she laid on the couch and clutched at her head with an ice pack, and laid there all quivery and sad, until Home and Away came on and she managed to forget her woes. Father did not even notice the wound, and Mother, after initial first aid and assessment complete, continued to read the paper and watch Home and Away, all at the same time.

Sympathy only comes in small doses in these parts! ;-)

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