Thursday, July 14, 2011

Last weekend

We went on a little trip last weekend, a two and a bit hour drive to a friend property, to help them prepare for and celebrate their joint 40th birthdays.

_MG_7172It was birthday of the green shirted mate (and his wife) of  my husband (and I must admit I giggled at I deliberately packed my husband's own green shirt for him to wear! it probably is me, but I think its funny!)

_MG_7174The lunch menu was camp oven cooked meats (beef, pork, lamb and corned beef), with boiled jacket potatoes (served with a choice of condiments) damper and crusty dinner buns, and large colourful salads.

Of course, the camp oven thing required constant supervision by all of the men. Like a bbq I guess.

_MG_7192This outgrown tractor was dragged out of retirement by this boy and was well used, until I begged one of the green shirts to put the bloody thing away in a shed HIGH UP to put a stop to the arguments between Angus and the other little boy that was staying. 


The garden looked lovely and inviting. The lawn was glorious - especially for the middle of winter! And the weather was gorgeous too.

_MG_7217this girl got all trendy - and (I've only just noticed!) applied lip gloss liberally!

_MG_7230And this one, who never has any trouble finding a little friend to play with (no matter its one she's never met before) had a ball at the party and well into the night, until mum declared NO MORE and bathed the lot of them and sent them to bed. There can be too much of a good thing!

We came home Sunday mornings (after arriving Friday afternoon) we were meant to come home SATURDAY afternoon when the bulk of the other guests were leaving....but someone was apparently settling in for a big night with his mates. 

_MG_7199At least they had dinner cooked before they started!

And the rest of the week? spent catching up on the washing and wandering how it could have gotten so out of hand in just two nights away from home!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend!
    Quite amazing just how much beer is required when men are cooking.
    I had my 40th birthday party last November in very similar circumstances ... we did the lunchtime party (which went to 1 am) and I wouldn't change a thing. The gazebos on the lawn reminded me of being at the races. And of course our really good friends came Friday and left Monday! I really think us bushies know how to party!
    Beautiful photos of the kids.

  2. looks great, love the camp oven cooking and I LOVE the boys in green....ha ha


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