Thursday, July 28, 2011

Some more Week In the Life

IMG_8856 (and I really should have wiped the crap off the table before taking that shot! oh well, its all about realness isn't it!)



That's my second daughter in the middle of doing her wicked wicked laugh, after being allowed to ride the four wheeler with her sister.


Cutting up capsicum for a pasta bake for dinner, and really, really really, needing a haircut. And to tidy that bench.

And one more, from this morning (lets just say, the middle of the night fun involving a big girl and regurgitation of her dinner, were NOT recorded)

IMG_8931yes, it does appear to be spreading through the kids - its working its way through the school population...fingers crossed the third child here (and her mother) might be spared. Off to spray some more Dettol about. 


  1. Middle girl certainly does look like she has a lot of spunk - good on her I say!
    I absolutely LOVE the shot of you in the kitchen - it is fantastic Sharon ... but I am so very sorry to hear of your night woes, all my best to you for tonight and let's hope there is no spreading of that lovely little virus.

  2. Love the low angles on the first 2 pics...awesome....oh another sick child just what you don't need!!! Glad you are getting in the pic's even if you need a haircut (your words luv not mine !! ha ha)

  3. Awesome photos Sharon! I love the 'realness' of the crap on the table, if we made everything look perfect before we clicked it then it wouldn't be real. I took a pic of my bench and all it's unwashed dishes, my kids know that is how it is a lot of the time.
    I can't believe you have another spew bucket poor thing! Hope your all surviving.

  4. p.s. meant to say, Gorgeous pic of your girls!!!!

  5. Lordy, I am loving your kitchen windows. CUTE!


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