Tuesday, July 19, 2011

another weekend away

and here is a little taste of what I was up to:

IMG_7373IMG_7415   IMG_7430 I swear I will never do another wedding again!  And funny how these few shots, my favourites, are about the details and the colours! and one cute kid.

More later. Washing to attend to. And much, much sorting and editing.


  1. Oh Sharon, these are lovely!

  2. I think you capture the details just perfectly! Are these all with the 50mm?

  3. beautiful photos, yes, weddings OMG ... the pressure to produce the photos and there are no retakes of the day. You are a brave soul but looks like you'll do them proud.

  4. Great photos esp that first one with the berries in the hair!! Love it! I have been asked 3 times now to do weddings and I've said No NO NO!!

  5. Just glorious photos Sharon, such vivid beautiful colour. You are a very brave soul taking on wedding photography and it looks like a job well done from the snippet you've shared. How did you enjoy Bowen? It is a beautiful spot, lovely beaches.
    Cold and windy here today, weather doesn't know what it's doing.


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