Sunday, July 24, 2011

le toure

except, not of France. Just by co-incidence, on Friday we held our  own le Toure, out to a nearby property and return. Some 14 kms. Not so far if you are support crew and driven by diesel power, perhaps a fair way if you are self propelled! ;-)


And, yes, there was a dress up theme, why do you ask?! There were ladybirds, Hermione's, Explorers, Cheerleaders and Equestrienne's, and many others. Participation by kids and adults alike was enthusiastic. Support crew however, got a FAIL on the dress-ups. We've consulted, and  plan on dressing as playboy bunnies next year, seeing as we all have the right physique ;-) Or at the very least, get some matching fluro orange vests and have flashing lights on the roof of our vehicles!

IMG_8647My boy bailed on riding himself when he realised that he could hitch a ride. Looks smug, doesn't he!

IMG_8664Not sure his steed was quite as excited about his passenger by the end of the first stage!

IMG_8657Minnie Mouse (the fitness mad and slightly crazy teacher aide) had a passenger too. Spoilt mutt.


And I guess we will do it all again next year. Adult participation  is increasing each year, to such a point as I think we had the same number of adults as kids.

And who said there was nothing to do out in the sticks?!

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  1. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE AND ADORE THIS POST. This is what I love and admire about Aussies in the bush...your sense of community spirit :)


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