Wednesday, December 30, 2009

And another thing

This is the third and last of the mini posts I have for today - a little gap between posting as I had visitors arrive for "smoko" which, really was lunch!  Good times, we are off to celebrate New Year with the same people tomorrow, at their property. Slip n slide down the hill for the kids, watching in the shade with a cool drink for the adults!

Anyhow, just had to share these photos of my boy and his muscles (which are apparently located in his elbow!) 

I love the look of concentration on his little face, as he puffed up his muscles...

And yes, it was me who pulled his pants up that high...why do mothers do that?! 

At least one of these photos will make into my "best of '09" album that I am planning - more on that later.  After tomorrow I will be able to finish gathering my favourites and start on the design, which will be a photo book, probably from snapfish.  More details later!


  1. Great idea Sharon - the best of 2009 - perhaps another 'borrow'?
    What a muscle man!
    Enjoy yourselves tomorrow night.


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