Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Favourite Christmas Photo

This is my favourite photo from Christmas Day.  Not sure why, but I like it! ;-) The table set for a yummy breakfast, lights twinkling, kids playing with their new toys, rain falling on the roof, family around.

Hey, Amy - see that bokeh?!  ;-)

As I have decided that I am "on holidays" like the rest of the nation, I've been doing some scrapping, while the kids have been busy playing and watching new dvd's (Hannah Montana wasn't as good as I thought it would be?!  music is good though). Anyhow, I've some layouts to show you, that I will share later on today.

Hope you've had a relaxing and wonderful Christmas Break.


  1. Yes I do!
    I took some shots on boxing day night which should have some ok bokeh but I haven't uploaded them yet .... I did have a couple of glasses of bubbles as well so it will be interesting!

  2. How'd I miss this one???
    Love the green in the middle...very Australian :)
    YESSS...niiice bokeh!!!


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