Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Message

So there's, what, two more sleeps to go? Til the wrapping paper starts flying and the oohing and aahing and the  "its just what I wanted!!" starts (well, lets hope that's how it goes!)...and hopefully at a respectable hour.  We've been lucky so far - our kids are pretty sound sleepers, once they're asleep, and don't tend to wake up too early, unless there is too much ruckus in the house (that only happens when we happen to get an early morning visitor calling in for coffee at 6am. Yep, 6am visitors.  Normally just to see Trevor, but if they want to see me, they have to take me in my jarmies!)

Anyhow, I know you've probably had quite enough of my kids photos lately, but I have just another two to share - this time the REAL ones, by Mel.  She was kind enough to email me two, as she is flat out editing other photo shoots, and recovering from our wild night on Saturday (ahem - two? glasses of wine, but laaate to 2am?!). Anyhow, without further ado...

I can't promise this will be the last you'll see of the photo shoot, as I haven't seen the rest as yet, but I'll try and restrain myself and post about something else.  I'm hoping to get into the holiday mode and do some scrapping (or perhaps tidy my desk so I can SEE it!) after Christmas, so hoping I have something more exciting to share then.

Not sure if I will be back here to post before Christmas (though I'll be checking on who else might have posted on their blogs), so if not, have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas, full of good food, waaay too full bellies, and lots of love and laughter. And a few pressies and happy kids thrown in as well.


  1. Sharon, they are beautiful. I bet you are wrapped! And I am loving the templates you really are on a roll. Will try to post soon about our adventure to the city on Saturday, but I am running out of hours in my kid free day! Merry Christmas to you and your gorgeous family, hope Santa spoils you all!

  2. She takes lovely photos - you must be so pleased with what you've seen so far!
    I do have a post planned for tomorrow - I'm not sure the Aussie girls are going to appreciate it though;-)
    Best wishes to you all - have a wonderful day on Friday ... I hope Santa finds his way to you and that you get a few free moments in the holidays to indulge in your favourite pasttime!

    PS I have the weirdest word verification - I don't know, blue langauge on a wholesome blog like this .... what's the world coming to?

  3. santa hats and sunshine making me home sick for NZ. Great photos and I love that template you used

  4. Aaaaaw! What a gorgeous family! merry Christmas to you guys! hope you get lots of pressies and just the right amount of rain!


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