Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Some more

Ok, so its feast or famine around here scrapping wise, but that's just the way it is. You'll just have to put up with the flood, and I promise that I will soon show you my lovely new, green, and decidedly non-daggy looking camera bag.

But for now, here's some more pages.  I think I might be venturing into the territory of LAZY rather than SIMPLE, so need to stop and go away and read a book while the kids play in the pool. And get out. And then get back in. And get out again, where I then yell at them to stop walking puddles in and out of the house.

 But I digress.  I've been working on Georgie's album, still back in '07.  I think 2008 will have a few summary type layouts, and be done, so I can whip through 2009 (none of which are printed) with some quick collage layouts.

I like this one, even though I've used my own handwriting.  I drew some straightish lines using a marker (orange).  I wrote little captions on the photos as I didn't give myself enough space journalling wise.

Another handwriting one, but this time messy :-( I don't do the Ali E type scrawl well, it always turns out messy. I might try too hard...but in any case, I am not going back, its done.  In hindsight, it would have been so easy just to type it up and crop, but I had the poops with the printer.

Love this photo, of my grubby faced little girl.  Seems so long ago....

This one, now I think its missing something? Any ideas what it needs...?

Divided page protectors! Bloody photos didn't print true 4x6 (grrr) so I've stuck a little bit on the end, which so does not work.  (and one of the "lazy" pages!) But otherwise, I think they are fantastic!  So quick and easy to use.  You'll be seeing more of these babies....

Last one, of the boy this time.  This was a 6x8 (the red and the patterned paper all part of the print).  I think this needs a little chipboard house thingy on the title, but I don't have one so will have to go without!

Thats it for today, folks. Off to start reading my new Cecelia Ahearn novel, and turn a blind eye to the fact the kids appear to be doing their best at emptying the pool of water with illegal jumping....


  1. loving the simple style and the different layouts and your use of bursts of colour. For the one where you think something is missing, I suggest a big word in the space under the journalling - using a colour - like you have done so successfully in many of the others

  2. Sharon these all look great to me - lazy or simple as long as it is enjoyable who cares?
    You have great handwriting for layouts - mine's too big so it always looks weird.
    I love how you did the 'boy' page - combining the photo print with the solid block, paper and journaling looks great .... another idea to 'borrow' I think!
    And, I agree with the divided page protectors - they are the best way to get a lot of photos in, use up scraps and make life easy.

  3. more inspiring stuff...I am off to tidy and sort a work space...I love the divided page protectors were do you get them?

  4. Loving it all - esp that turning 3 page - my fave!


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