Friday, December 18, 2009

CHristmas Colours

I should have wrapped some kids presents last night, while they were all having a sleep over at Granny's.  But instead I played with photos to post here.

Love these papers!  AND - it seems that the more expensive paper from Target IS of superior quality to that from  Crazy Clarkes!! So lovely to work with.

And someone can't remember where she put the gift tags left over from last year, so got out her round punch and made some simple tags from white card and scraps of wrapping paper (I only added the patterned paper to those wrapped with unpatterned paper, the rest got a plain white tag. Which I didn't take a photo of, apparently!)

I ended up with two "co ordinating" patterned papers, and got some plain coloured paper - aqua and lime -  to match them (can be used year round!)

I know...small things amuse small minds.....!


  1. Those are so cute! I love that paper!

  2. So cute! I am sooooo lazy with my wrapping now...just a few jumbo rolls and I call it good LOL

  3. great idea with the tags! they are always something I forget

  4. cute paper...from one small minded person to another ;)

  5. I should add that my kids don't get ribbon on their gifts, way too much of a hassle on Christmas morning!!

  6. Matching paper is a must - and some times hard to find when you co-ordinate with your tree decorations! Will post a photo of my tree - lousy light today though its raining here!

  7. Gosh ... these are really cute - my small mind is very happy seeing these! I've gotta get cracking on our wrapping - paper is nowhere near as cute as this though.


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