Saturday, December 5, 2009


Waiting for my next dentist FEBRUARY, which was the earliest next available appointment, necessary because I was chicken and took the easy route and held out my hand for an antibiotics script rather than the needle and drill...

Waiting for it to rain. For many reasons - the obvious.  Green grass, water, less financial pressure as grass = no need for supplementary feeding.  Rain = don't need to water the garden. Rain = grass in my back paddock and putting the wretched plant eating poddy (Jumpin' Jack Flash - I don't think you've been introduced yet!) out of the garden. Rain = perhaps husband and father of my children actually spending some time at home.

Waiting for some family time (see above) and the holiday season. The kids just started school holidays, and its just, a wee tiny bit, starting to feel like the slowing down relaxed lets-do-nothing time of the year. Maybe.

Waiting to find the time or, more realistically, get my butt into gear, finish painting the office wall. Clean up the bomb site of office that comes from moving everything to paint the wall. Reclaim my scrapping and sewing desks.  Actually DOING something vaguely creative.

Waiting for customers to pay their bills.  Rather in bank account!  Some people are so slack, deliberatley or not, I don't know.

Waiting to get rid of some of my volunteer jobs - secretary/treasurer.  I could rant here, but to keep it short, it is really time for other people to get off their butts and do something.  Like my husband (famous for getting to the point!)said:  "if other people aren't interested in doing these jobs, they aren't interested in keeping the club/s running".  I am mentally worn out doing this volunteer stuff - I need to put my mental energies back into our own business.

Waiting for Christmas Day.  Only 20 more sleeps, apparently.  Who taught these kids to count?!  I so need to get a head start on wrapping some presents each night when the kids go to bed.  And I so need a dedicated wrapping area  - wouldn't that be great! sigh.

And that's whats on my mind today.  Or some of it, anyhow!!

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  1. why are we always waiting...
    im sure there is some deep and meaningful answer here...but alas not from me ;) I wait for the eggs to boil ...sigh


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