Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Nothing much to tell, big day out shopping with the kids yesterday at the nearest big centre (4 hour round trip).  Much shushing and secrets as they bought little gifts for each other (the last of the big spenders at the $2.50 shop!)

More playing with templates today, not really feeling the vibe, so am going to walk away.  But I always have to test run them, so here's how it turned out.

Hearing some thunder this afternoon and some little splats on the corrogated iron roof, so here's hoping we get SOME rain before Christmas - some stressed and tired spirits around the north, busy pumping water and feeding cattle...and some shooting the ones too weak to get up.  Yes, its that bad in some places, mostly the ones that were over inundated with water early this year.  There's no goodness left in the grass, just dry straw...so bring on the wet.

And for the kids? Bring on Christmas - only 3 more sleeps, they can hardly handle it (especially the boy!)


  1. Template looks good - the navy and red is really a lovely combination.
    Pretty terrible when animals have to be destroyed - hope the splats turn into something meaningful.
    Mine are so tired from a really late night with cousins that I think they've forgotten what's happening in a couple of days!

  2. Oooh here's hoping there is some rain in this for you guys!!!
    I too have a very excited little boy!!!

  3. Those out takes are gorgeous! Sometimes they are my favourites! Love the template you are on a roll. Got time to do some scrapping for me? Enjoy. And I got my little card today, thank you. Hope you got my email. I am sure I will be here again before then but Merry Christmas just in case I don't!

  4. great shots of your kids ... hoping the rain comes for you.

  5. Have always loved the movie "Bushfire Moon" and the book Rain For Christmas...have you seen them. Fingers crossed for rain!!!

    My kids have had it...we even canceled a visit to a friends house at the last minute...kids plum tuckered big time!!!

  6. I left my run a little late and wow there was some good scuds coming home from the towers and then it took me longer to do the last 100k than the first 240k slippery as! fingers crossed it's headed your way...super shots of the kids!


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