Friday, December 18, 2009

PLaying with Paint

So I am struggling to get in the Christmas mood this year, but I made some time yesterday, while the kids were away at Granny's, to get started on a name canvas for each  I wanted to make them for Christmas.

So I cracked open the paints (some of which were in quite a sorry state) and had quite a lovely time painting these up.  Mind you, the green one has about four coats of paint, but that's a story for another time about my lack of brains. :-)

So, obviously the blue and red ones are for Angus (5 15cmx15cm mini canvases, one for each letter).  I haven't any letters for his yet - I'll try and find some wooden ones on Monday and spray paint them white, or failing that, cut out some felt letters in red and blue. I think this will end up standing up in a row on the dresser, or perhaps even bluetac'd onto the top of the blind valance thingy in his room.

Kate's is the pink mini canvases, with white wooden letters to go in the middle of each canvas and a spare one for a pretty flower (see the middle photo above - they are thick cardstock "wall art" stickers that I found at the discount shop for $4 a 30cm x 30cm packet. they are very cute!) I think I'll use the one with the blue button, and chop off the flower stem. Hers will hang vertically (as much as I would like it horizontal, it won't work!)

Georgie's is the green one, and its going to be tricky.  Her name is too long for the mini's but I had one of those "kids art" pre drawn canvases hanging about, so I painted over the drawing (see note above about lack of brains..undercoat first might be smart).  But because its so big there is plenty of "white space" once the letters are in place - I planned to have the pink butterfly (in the middle pic) hovering over the I in her name....but - do you think this will be "enough" or perhaps be underdone....perhaps I need to add a flower as well...or two as things look better in threes, dont they!

I'll take some more pictures later (once the kids are in bed) to show you and get your valued opinion !


  1. cute flowers...please tell where???

  2. These are seriously cute!
    I'm also really liking how you presented the photos .... super snazzy!

  3. Amy - I didn't make a template for this one, I just quickly put it together - but I WILL make one - inspired by a photog. blog that puts her photos up with colour blocks like that.

    Hmm, would also make a great blog photo template too, with the blog name at the bottom! an idea for all of you winners out there...I am waiting for you to email me! (but I guess after Christmas will be better for all of us!)


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