Saturday, December 5, 2009


I've long admired those simple rustic bare branch Christmas decor/trees.  I went searching the good old internet for some inspiration:

The mulberry tree just happened to need some long, annoying and face slapping braches removing, and they were just the perfect shape for a similar creation.

A few cable ties later (what a marvellous invention - and I have to hide my special packet of them from my husband, who has been known to make serious mechanical repairs with cable ties!) plus the mad wielding of a can of white spray paint - which took much thought - silver, white or gold? - I had my own rustic branch.

I orginally planned to have it in a silver gal bucket, but it was a bit too big and heavy looking - and then I remembered I had this great metal pitcher.  I guess I could have done the white spray paint on it too...what do you think?

Now I just have to get out  some small christmas balls and sparingly place them over. Or maybe even some small paper creations. 

I am wondering if left bare, this could be left out all year round (although what a dust and cobweb collector it could be!) , placed on a little table in front of a series of rustic photo frames (have photos, have frames, have not placed on wall!)

Great fun in anycase!!  We do have a normal tree, which was decorated by the kids (heavy on the ornaments towards the bottom half of the tree!) and at this stage, I really couldn't be bothered by putting up many more decorations.  Perhaps I will feel more festive closer to Christmas and put more decorations around the house...perhaps not!


  1. mmm...nice...branch huntin season likes
    leave pitcher as i think...

  2. Love it, pitcher is perfect.
    I wonder if I will get time to put our tree up this week?

  3. hey we have a vase of painted sticks on our dining table. i change what hangs on them depending on the season of life... hearts for mothers day, flowers for spring... baubles for christmas... renee


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