Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Winners Are Grinners! and other matters.

and guess what?! Kirsty, Jo, Amy and Shannon - you are all getting a blog header and overlay (if you want them of course!) email me > over there somewhere, with ideas that you might have....

Jaki & Mel I've excluded because 1. Mel has already gotten all I have to offer ;-) and Jaki isn't into all of this sort of fun yet - but Mel's working on her! :-)
OK, onto other matters - the plethora of idea and internet goodness that I have been saving up... there's a few, so this could take awhile!

another cute pillowcase dress, with the most divine material....I haven't made mine yet...anyone else?

The cutest little felt owls - free pattern available here.  These would look just as good made flat appliqued to a book bag or something - or even made out of paper on a canvas OR...felt on a canvas or in a frame!

Cute hairties that come in a matching little bag from  - perhaps an idea Dani could add to her little shop Di? (though I don't like the big label on the bag!) Great little girl gift idea...

Love these crayon and drawing rolls and wallets. Brilliant idea (again you can get similar on madeit if you don't want to make it!)

And what a super simple idea:  plain wooden coat hangers (seen 'em on sale at Bunnings) gussied up with some bright coloured spray paint!

LOVE this name idea!  wooden letters on little square canvases.  Brilliant, super simple idea, and just another excuse to go crazy with some spray paint.

The bunting thing has been around for awhile, but I recently had a revelation when I found red and navy bandanas for $2.00 each at a discount shop. Didn't get enough, but want to so that I can cut them in half and make my boy a bunting thing for his room. In red and navy of course.

this one: cute use of yummy scrapbooking papers, in this case on thin mdf board.  Now do we know anyone that might have a few spare sheets of paper in their possession that might be applied to this sort of simple project?! :-)

Are you still with me?  Pin cushions...I need some if I am ever going to get sewing those dresses...cute aren't they!

Button bracelet - now you know about me and buttons...need I say more? and in black and white? 

I have saved the best for last!  This brilliant idea, originally from bakarella, christmasatised by Leanne (she's over there on my blog roll, and her surname I get wrong, so its easier if you just find it for yourself!)

I love this idea!!  Plan on doing some of these myself, though perhaps slightly changing some ingredients to suit what I have on hand or is available.

Though I really need to get into some Christmas Spirit to do so...not feeling it at the moment.

Anyhow, there you have it. Hope you;ve found something to inspire you!


  1. Hey Sharon - I'm very excited at the thought of a overlay or a new header thanks so much - I'll email soon ok.

    You always manage to find the most adorable stuff from the internet - very inspirational, but, I'm all thumbs when it comes to sewing. I have tried a pillow dress but it looks more like a circus tent ;-)

    I wanted to let you know I re-commented on your comment .... thanks for raising those issues - I understand where you are coming from being the daughter of a farmer and all!

  2. A groovy new header will be so cool! don't know why I just couldn't get it all together myself...your help will be much appreciated! Ta, Jo

  3. bloody beautiful ideas...
    cute dress,I made a pink one...more after xmas

    cute holiday craft woohoo

    will pass idea onto dani

    saw those crayon rolls the other day...January project!

    onto those hangers asap...bloody brilliant

    scrapbook pages on mdf..ahhhh

    now where the bloody hell do you get these ideas...please share the links!!!

  4. Di - I am a SHOCKER at keeping tabs on links (is there an easy way to do that?!) but most of these come from - I subscribe to their email newsletter and drop by their site occassionally (or when looking for gift ideas etc) where they have a random selection of stuff on their home page - you see things you never would have thought of looking for!!

  5. Thank you Sharon, thought required (and perhaps waiting til logo done for business). That fabric is stunning. Love all your finds - if only I could find the time. Today is the day. Off to the shops in a bit, will report in later :)

  6. Love some of these ideaas Sharon! Cool stuff!

  7. Loving the ideas and LOVING the thought of a fancy shmancy blog header!!!!! Thanks love!


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