Monday, December 14, 2009

Decisions, Choices....Help?!

OK, so I haven't forgotten the giveaway, and will get to that soon, I promise.  Soon. Trying to play catchup today and its so not fun, and I have a headache. And I'm not winning the game....

I have done all of my Christmas Shopping - one has to be organised when the shops are so far away, and I have to say that I adore mail order and ebay for this sort of thing - avoiding large masses of people and queues is always a good thing in my book.  Though it is fun to touch and feel and see things in the shops....

So, here comes the bit where I need to make a decision and a choice.  The biggest girl has written a letter to Santa (we don't normally, but she wanted something to do, and a little writing practise never goes astray!) and she wants a tea set.  Which is so NOT in amongst the gifts I have for her...

So Santa is going to write back to her about the tea set (with an apology and some story as to why there isn't one under the tree) ...and seeing as its her birthday at the end of January, I have been shopping (online of course!) for  a tea set.

Do I go for the red spots (Adorable)

Or the pretty flowers (sigh, oh so CUTE!)

Or the plain red, which is about $25 cheaper (none of these are what I call cheap, but are tin or enamel, and I think could be something to look after and keep for HER children!) and doesn't have a tray, but does have napkins and cutlery, and looks more vintagey...but isn't as gorgeous as either one above.

I just happen to have some gorgeous floral frilly aprons put away for little girl gifts, one of which  I will put with which ever one of these WE choose.  That should please her girly little heart!

So, my friends, which one should I choose? Should I save some $$ and go with the last one....or hang it all and go for one of the patterned ones (both being the same price!) Oh, but which one??  the decisions!!!  Please help!

I await your choices with bated breath (truly, with bated breath at the moment because some reason I have just caught a whiff of our septic tank....or else a truck load of farting cows has gone past - I really hope its the latter....!)

And an internet goodness post coming soon, I'm seen some wonderful things bouncing around the net lately!  So inspiring!


  1. Now I am sure this will not help, but I believe the one I have - very similar to no 2, is on sale this week at Aldi, and I believe it is only $20 - $25 I could get one and post? helping or making harder? Saving money means spening more on more lovely pressies for precious girls!

  2. everyone you must know that Shannon is officially my hero!! (and after i'd more or less decided on a red one, but not which red one!!) Aldi have similar to #2 for under half the price on ebay!!!!

    so glad I have friends who live close to the shops! (certainly no Aldi in North Qld!)

    but I still want to know which one you would have chosen?

  3. I never said which one I liked. Now Katelin has one similar to no 2, so you would guess that one right, and I don't like red, but I think I really like the spotty one, maybe Aldi have pink spots? What do you think?

  4. one of the red ones of course - not sure which one though - the spots are cute but I would have happily saved the $$ and the plain one is still very gorgeous.

  5. Shannon, at aldi's price, it could be blue with yellow stripes (which could be cute, actually!) and it wouldn't matter! And I WAS leaning towards the plain red one actually Amy! But red gorgeousness can't beat $17.99 at Aldi!

  6. I love the pink and green one... and hey it's on special!!!

  7. Aldi have the second one on special starting Thursday this week. Get a friend to buy for you and post it on over.
    They are just lovely.

  8. That friend, ro cyber friend has already offered Jenny :)

  9. I see your decision has been made...I LOOOVE the red polka dotty one :)

  10. ah...
    this i know about...
    I got the girls the middle one last year for chrissy...very cute. bought at a cute local toy shop. Jo got the same one for her girls...FROM BLOODY ALDI for HALF THE BLOODY price... so I shall sigh and offer my advice...
    Which one will look the cutest in a photo? Think long grass and a tea party with teddies and ya thinking!!
    Personally I love the pink and green BUT the 3rd one is very cute in a retro kinda way :)

  11. I would like one with a tray, cause you can always buy little paper napkins and plastic cutlery to add to it. I'm loving the red spotty, but which ever one is at ALDI is the go-er!! I'll go to Aldi for you if you need me to. :)


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