Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Christmas Eve Everyone!

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the yard

He was digging and cursing, and trying very hard

To make the biggest mess possible, with holes and much dirt

Was it a leaking pipe or toilet? we suspected the worst.....

Actually, this happened just on dark last night, but  is SO not resolved.  The lawn, right near the back patio, (so visible to all visitors) looks like a war zone.

On the bright side, the poddy calf thinks its wonderful that someone built him a lovely little waterhole (full of water of course!) right on the lawn, and right near that lovely cement area that he loves to camp under.....

Merry Christmas all, and thanks for your visits, comments and friendship throughout the year.

Off to vacuum, and make some rum  orange flavoured chocolate balls (s-i-l doesn't like rum!)


  1. LOL!! Love your poem! Though not loving the situation. :(
    Merry Christmas to you and the family. Throw some rum into SOME of those balls!

  2. Merry Christmas Sharon - it's been great getting to know you!
    Good luck with the water situation .... and, surely SIL will cope with a little rum?????;-)

  3. I should clarify - husband has been digging holes in the lawn to try and locate the pipline that's leaking (we know its there somewhere!) He eventually got the poops with it and went to the start of the pipeline and turned it off....not a long term solution, but will stop the flood until he can investigate further.

    And the rum balls? SIL doesn't like the taste of rum, and I have to say rum balls are the only time I tolerate it...

  4. you crack me up...
    Have loved visiting and getting to 'know' you this year.
    Defiantly look into a visit up north :)


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