Friday, December 18, 2009

Georgie and Jezabel

Note:  the last two posts I had set up so they would post automatically at a set time early this morning....the only thing is...they didn't.  Any tips?!

Anyhow....moving on:

Not sure on how long this one will be around, but she sure is cute.  So is the kid!

And I don't mean she is off to the big cattle yards in the sky...she's a "difficult" calf - was named Jemima until I spent five minutes wrassling with the little sod, and quickly renamed more appropriatley - she thinks that milk coming in a bottle is the devil incarnate, but will suck my fingers. And our neighbour's milking cow, with enthusiasm.  So I guess she'll probably be a n early Christmas present to them! (Donna's cow is famous for raising many an orphaned calf - and for raising the calf, she gets to keep it) 

Its a pity though, Georgie seems to like her...


  1. You've busy blogging today Sharon - I'm starting with the first one and I'll work back!
    We used to hand feed poddies as well - obviously we were children of the 80's as our names for them were Boy George, Michael etc .... as I was eldest I always had to mix the milk formula - the thought of that smell makes me dry reach just thinking about it!
    Sometimes the auto-post reverts back to draft .. that's happened to me sometimes - also, I've heard that the date set up can play up as well ... worth checking that out maybe?

  2. If I save my post to Draft, the auto-post function doesn't set. I have to "Publish" it once I've set the auto-post up. Maybe that is what happened to you?

    My first visit to your blog, btw, via Amy. It's lovely. I like your name canvas projects for the children. I do wonder if 3 pictures on Georgie's might be nicer than just one, but it probably depends on the size and style of the letters.
    Looks as if they will be lovely and the kids should be very happy with them!


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