Friday, December 18, 2009

Around the House

The branch tree that I made last week?  I found some pretty bells I had stashed away, and went crazy with them, and then put the whole thing on a table stand thingy in the corner near the front door.  I can see it when I am working in the kitchen, and when I am sitting at the dinner table.  It makes me happy!!  I think I'll leave the branches around after Christmas (minus the bells of course).

Bad photo, because its right beside the door, and I couldn't move it again after making it "just right". 

And here is my boy's room, with his new "pretend" cowhide rug.  It is so fake, but actually looks great!  He has, obviously red and navy on his bed, and I thought my idea of the red and navy bandana bunting would go with the colour scheme, but also go with the cowhide rug as well.  Sort of cowboyish...

Angus loves the rug, in fact wanted me to put his pillow and blankets down there for the night (its a very touchy, tactile rug).  I know this though, I think that white is going to struggle to stay that way....


  1. Those stick trees are really catching on, we've made one too. But did you know you can buy one for hundreds of dollars!?!! We are just too clever & chic.

  2. The branches have come up really well - yes, extremely 'chic'. Angus' room is also looking great!

  3. Love the rug, where is the tour of Angus' room? Can't wait to see the girls! Can u make me one of those tree things? I am sure I have plenty of extra Christmas balls - no time to paint stick though - you did a great job!

  4. that's the most interesting bit of angus's room!!
    and as for the girls, you'll have to wait until after christmas (and in a tidy moment, as mostly its a bomb site!)

  5. Loooove Angus' room!!!! How very very cool :)
    I would take a pic of Sam's room, but it is very uncool and covered in toys! LOL

  6. creative photography Kirsty! I was vary careful to not include the great dumping of his "car box" all over the floor....see that yellow truck...that was just the start of the stampede!


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