Saturday, December 12, 2009


Well, here it is, the 200th post!

I should be doing Christmas cards, and our annual Christmas letter (do you love them or loathe them? personally, I love getting them!) and get them posted sometime BEFORE Christmas.

I could have posted here about the snake that I discovered coming out of the bathroom sink drainhole down at Lyons Creek the other day.  But I won't.  (although I will say that the snake did not meet a happy fate! Sorry, nature lovers!)

What I will do however, is a GIVEAWAY to celebrate the somewhat dubious occassion of my 200th post here on The Quiet Life, as lets face it, what I have to say often falls into the catergory of Light and Fluffy!

But what to give away?  Its almost Christmas, and I have no money to purchase something dodgy to give away, and my scrap stash is pretty old and what papers I have that are up to date, I am a bit precious about....but not all of you are scrappers!

But, if you are reading this, what you most likely are, is a  BLOGGER!  So dear reader, I am giving away a custom designed, to your specifications and desires**, a blog header AND a custom designed blog photo overlay!!

A little like this photo overlay:

or this (blog header) (warning - more cute shots of my kids!)

Now . Bear in mind that I am NOT a professionally trained graphic designer.  And you will need Photoshop Elements or some similar programme to use the photo overlay (it will be a psd file). But I will provide instructions on how to use it  and how to load your new shiny blog header.

So leave a comment on this post, and in a day or so, when I've stopped chasing the kids about cleaning their rooms and the calf from eating my plants, and stopped despairing over my dying plants (from being calf fodder and from being so stinkin' hot) and before I start wrapping the piles of gifts....I'll draw a winner using the tried and true number in a hat method.  I don't think I get enough readers to need to use the fancy smancy random number intergrator thingy!

All going well, you'll have your new header and overlay before Christmas! (but if it gets even crazier around here, please promise to not get cwanky if I don't get it done before then, OK?!)

Good luck!

** within my capabilities, OK?!!


  1. Love the gorgeous overlay. And professional or not, I can say that they work splendidly!

  2. Congrats on 200 posts - where do you find the time! Am still working on logo for my bus - maybe a blog header will be required then! Please do my Christmas cards too - I had the best intentions - where did the last two weeks go?

  3. What a fab idea in this time-poor, cash-strapped time we find ourselves in. Congratulations on 200 posts!!!

  4. Congratulations on the big *200*
    I like your 'light and fluffy' posts - and seeing what you come up with on the digi front.
    Thanks for visiting the other day :-)

  5. Hi Sharon Mel sent me in your direction! you are very talented congrats on your 200th

  6. how the hell did I miss this post...
    CONGRATS my far away friend :)


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